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Award of youth project ideas in Santa Maria da Feira!

Last week, from May 13 to 16, Rosto Solidário hosted significant events as part of the EuropEdges project. Among those was the “International Youth Meeting”, a melting pot of cultures, where students from Arrifana Secondary School and young people from partner organizations in Italy (USMA), Romania (Fundatia Ikaros), Greece (Pylon One) and Latvia (ECRRED) came together to share their unique experiences in a vibrant intercultural environment.

During the meeting, the young people presented their project proposals with great enthusiasm, leading up to the thrilling moment of unveiling the winners. We are delighted to announce the following award-winning projects:

  • USMA Community Event (USMA, Italy) – This project will hold workshops on the themes of integration, cultural exchange and temathic roundtable in order to promote inclusion.
  • GreenVitalize (ECRRED, Latvia) – Transforming neglected urban spaces into thriving green areas through the creation of urban gardens.
  • Playfulness and Fun Together (Fundatia Ikaros, Romania) – Aim to raise awareness of the various problems that arise from excessive use of technology, the Internet and social networks at an early age, and to present alternatives.
  • CARE (Pylon One, Greece) – Responding to the pressing need for mental health support in schools, empowering students to provide support to their peers in a safe environment.
  • Racial Discrimination (10th year of the Professional Youth Technician Course at Arrifana Secondary School) – Promoting integration and equality, creating spaces for coexistence and inclusion, and increasing the mental and social well-being of victims of racism, raising awareness of human rights.

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